About Duane Ebben

Born in Lincoln NE. and blessed to have the finest parents a child could have. I joined the Navy during the Vietnam War at age 19. After serving abroad I returned home and after a short time married my fiancée of 3 years. In 1974 I answered a help wanted add in the classifieds needing a person to work in a cabinet shop. Having never run a table saw but with a strong desire to learn, and pictures from a paneling job in my folks house during high school. I was given a chance.

My first shop was in a very small Historic old Bank building in Swedeburg, Nebraska. One of three buildings left standing in a once thriving town. I started with a friends borrowed table saw, minus the rip fence.So I used C-Clamps and a board. A cheap belt sander, orbital sander, compressor, and a few hand tools.

I owe my interest in woodworking to my Grandfather John Ebben. A decorated WWI Veteran in the famed 7th Engineers and after the war made his living as a skilled Carpenter.

My Father Duane Ebben (and no I am not junior, our middle initials are even the same but different name) taught me many mechanical skills. Dad was a kind, ingenious man and the 5th person in Nebraska to become a Certified Electronics Technician. In 1984 I was honored to become the teacher when Dad came to work for me. Working side by side with my Dad are some of my fondest memories.

And now for a little sarcastic humor. If you really want to yank my chain. Use the following over used
buzz words several times when chatting with me and I will really be impressed…. well maybe not!

Touch base with you

On the same page

Think outside the box

At the end of the day